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Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?
A wolf.

Daughters band/guard competition !!

Yes, its that time of year again when my daughter and her group (the school band and guard) begin to go on band/guard competitions every saturday until the middle of December. Yesterday was thier first comp., since they are the division champs for 1A from last season. They have become the ones to beat. Well, they took 1st place yesterday, just 6 more comps till championships. They should do well as they practice pretty much every NIGHT !! UGH.

Im tired as a bunch of us parents (boosters) load the trailer, feed them, just cater to thier whims.....but I love them all. My weekends and fridays are mine no longer. 

In the end, its all worth it.

Ok, here I go, I was given tickets to a dodger game on Sunday, I have refused to buy tickets to the Dodgers until the current owner is bought out or sells the team, havent bought them since McCourt bought the Dodgers. Upon arriving, I remembered why I hate going thier now. Mind you, I grew up living and loving Dodger Blue. Maybe its age, dont know. I have not been to Dodger Stadium in like 2-3 years or so. Mostly cause I dont care for the owner and his nonsense way of running the place. Parking has not been bumped up to 15 bucks to enter !!!   aaaagggghhhh !! Than you cant park where you would like, its more of a funnel method. Which sucks as the tickets I had were on the OTHER side of the stadium !! Hills,,,thats all I have to say about that,,,yeah Dave,,I know. Prices were ridiculous, and the seating! Talk about cramped, heck any closer and I would have been cheating on my wife. It seemed to me more like on the border of organized chaos and anarchy run amok.  I have never left a baseball game in the middle of or close to the end, ever. Until sunday, I left during the end of the 7th, sacrilijous, I know, I spelled it wrong, but im tired. More on the tired part later. I have never been so miserable at a baseball game as I did Sunday. And I literally grew up thier as many times as my parents took me. The only good that came out of that day is I found a friend of mine who I have not seen in 8-9 years. That was my high point.
So, forward to Monday, the next day, I had tickets for Anaheim, I purchased these. Just to enter, 8 bucks for parking. And, I could park where I wished, next to the area of the location of my tickets. Getting in the ballpark was easy, even though the lines were as long as at Dodger Stadium. Anaheim actually seemed to have a plan. Buying food was both inexpensive (hotdog at Dodger $5+,  hotdog at Anaheim $3+), that took me only 10 mins, while at Dodger Stadium, 35 mins., unacceptable. I actually was able to sit, and enjoy the game. And, I did NOT leave early. The atmosphere felt more comfortable all around. When the game was over, I was out and on the freeway in 5-8 mins. Dodger stadium, if you leave at the end of the game, that timetable of 5-8 does not exist, unless your lucky enough to leave early,,,,,,or run to your car. Oh...almost forgot,, YOU CAN TAILGATE AT ANAHEIM WHILE AT DODGER STADIUM, the dummy who bought the Dodgers, who is the focus of my anger with the Dodgers. Will not allow it for who knows what reason, probably cause everyone else dislikes him and do not invite him to thier BBQ. So, if he cant go, than NO ONE CAN !!!  So suffice to say, my heart is forever blue, but Anaheim has captured my love of the game. Which they present very well, which is where I will continue to go to enjoy the game I grew up to love. 
Now for the workout, I noticed, when I went to Bisbee, that, Bisbee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,has many many stairs, steps, inclines, basically alot of stuff that goes UP!!!  Hush Dave,,,,,,just hush.....lol. At one time, half the way UP on one of thier many steps. I had a moment.....and that moment was,,,,it was time to workout again. So I started today, I hurt....alot....but thats to be expected. But, it felt good at the same time, because in the end, its about my health. And im all out of wack, just have to work at it. My arms feel like jello, and when I walk. I now know the feeling that the astronauts felt on the moon...weightlessness. With each step, I couldnt feel my feet,my legs. Didnt know if they were going up or if they were just standing still waiting for my stomach to make the first move. But, I hope by our next trip to Bisbee, I will be able to kill ALL of those beasts. I dont know what joker decided to just build steps to nowhere. Its like he arrived in the place that would be Bisbee. And said, you know what, I think this place needs steps and stairs so when people come here. They will be so tired, that they will just build where they stop. Forever trapping the future inhabitants. 

Silly man.......................tsk tsk.

Writer's Block: Last Call

You are on a plane that's about to crash. You have time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call and what do you say?
Wife, try to give her pin #s to all financial accounts. (just in case for a few of you, she knows about them.)

This was cool.

Now has been 2 days in a row that I constantly wake up. Had some interesting ones.

The 1st one while I was sleeping, I swear I woke up and saw my wife come in to the room and than come leave the room. Funny thing though, is my wife was with some friends in La Mirada at the time. She would not come back home for another 3 hours !!! Kept thinking about that since I kept wondering when she would come back to the room.  

But on my dreams, the included investigating with ICPIR at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. (Another place I wouldl love to do). Funny thing about that one, our guide was Leroy, from the Birdcage. I guess anyway place we go, Leroy should be thier. Heck, it would be great if everywhere we DID go had a Leroy. Bisbee has Moses, Birdcage has Leroy. 2 great people at 2 great locations.  Also, a former g.friend was in my bed with me and my wife, and neither knew of the others presence. All the while, im worried how im going to explain THIS ONE ! It seems they both woke up and SURPRISE ! I tried to talk to both, wife did not want to hear it, she left, I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED ! I spoke to the former, seems she was hoping that we could get back together. Well, I ended up filing for divorce and went back. Dont ask, I know.  Long story. Anyway, next thing I know, Im again investigating with the team, except this time, we are at a bar/saloon, really classy looking joint. Located near the beach, and, no, Leroy was not thier this time.  

But I cant get the wife coming into the room, I know I woke up. But she was not home. I have heard of instances like this, just never experienced.

Last night

I really really need to invest in a notebook this weekend to write down my dreams. Wish I could write down what they were, kept waking up. So never really rested, all I can say is that I know my dreams were WILD. Stuff chasing me, me chasing stuff, thats about it.  



Lets see, where do I start, um, last night my dreams were about:
1. My front bottom tooth was loose, which, somehow, made the rest of my teeth just as loose. It bothered me everywhere I went. Until it came out, would the rest of my teeth return to normal as if nothing happened. 
2. I was investigating with some friends, dont know what, just that I was. And people from BISBEE were just showing up everywhere. I was being chased by people. Bridges were falling, cranes tipped over and cars driving up the sides of freeways. 

3. On a side note, I bought a salt rock with a light in it. I turn it on at night, every night since I bought it. My wife says that im sleeping better. Last night, we switched sides since its on my side of the bed, and after 2 weeks. She said she actually slept well. Does the rock have anything to do with it ? I dont know. Coincidence ?? Possibly.

Writer's Block: Planet's Rights

How do you feel about Pluto's recent demotion? Should it still be a planet?